Tour report 2014

Hey we are back. It was a blast! Thanx to everyone who set up a gig for us, gave us food, a place to stay, was patient and everyone who came out and showed support. This means the world to us. Also huge thanx to Vita for being around and helping us out.

DAY  1:


The first gig was in Ljubljana at the squat Rog. We played in the indoor sk8 park. The place is pretty small with a really small stage, so small that we couldn’t put both guitar cabinets on the stage. We share stage with Đornata, that were really fun and they just returned from their tour. The whole day was a mess, being late, forgetting things…PRINTING shirts just before the show.


Fun fact: Keijo from Rotten Sound showed up at our gig and Dado partied with him…not knowing who he was in the first place. Well the rest of us didn’t get to party because we had to drive home and get stuff done before really living for the tour.



Marko picked up this small van. Andrej was working that day so we were waiting for him to leave.


We had so much stuff that was a struggle to pack the van and we were also supposed to take the drum kit in Padriče.


In Padriče we realized that there are some parts of the drums missing and that they ware taken by mistake and that they are in the youth center in Koper. So we had to go back. We were already super fuckin late and Prato was far.



We played in a place called No Cage. It is a “vegan society venue” where they do shows. The dinner was super good. The gig was like a mini metal fest with 4 metal bands and us. It was kinda weird but fun. The gig was organized by the members from Rabid Hyenas that were also playing and they were the best bend of the night.


The place was cool and kinda fancy but there was an horrible smell coming out of the toilet.


Art from the No Cage hall.

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Black hordes of blasphemy are hitting the road again

Hey punx,

we should start our post with 2 excuses; first, well we were lazy again with the updates, so sorry for that one. second we are sorry but Void Forger canceled the tour due to family issues. So it looks like it will be just the 4 of us touring. So come and hang out with us, we will need company.

here is the tour poster Volo did:

We are really looking forward to go on tour again. The booking of the tour was super stressful and at some point we even thought that it won’t happen. So we wanna thank everyone who is doing a show for us, from the depths of our hearts, this means the world to us. So on friday we start our journey out of every day boredom, see you on the road!

We also recorded drums and guitars for our upcoming LP. So far so good! So if you have a label and wanna help, pleas let us know, because we need labels to help us out with the release. The record should be out in Summer.

This photo is from the gig we had with Akrido Domingo AKA Acrid Sunday AKA Dis.Bistrica Punx in Idrija, this was february, the day the weather stopped our country. The morning after the show we went back in time and drank a coffee in a socialist coffee shop.

We are super busy with life and getting things done for the tour, so sorry for the short post.

See you on the road, bring us weed, we will give you something back for sure.

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4 Song Demo

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Shows, tour, stuff…


We will play a show in our hometown. Kinda excited about playing our first metal show in our hometown, booked by our dear friend Jan AKA Nemesis Booking. We gonna play with our comrads from Hellcrawler.

here is the poster and the FB link:


The tour with Void Forger is not going well, we don’t have many gigs booked and time is running out.

We changed the route and we will tour central Europe so if you can help us out we would really appreciate!

18.04.13  Friday North ITA NEED HELP

19.04.13 Saturday North ITA, East AUT, SWI NEED HELP

20.04.13 Sunday Bremgarten, Easter Fest

21.04.13  Monday SWI, East FRA, Southe-West GER NEED HELP

22.04.13  Tuesday  North East FRA, Southe-West GER NEED HELP

23.04.13 Wednesday  North East FRA, Southe-West GER NEED HELP

24.04.13 Thursday North East FRA, SWI NEED HELP

25.04.13 Friday South FRA NEED HELP

26.04.13 Saturday South FRA NEED HELP

27.04.13 Sunday North East ITA NEED HELP

We gonna play some shows in Slovenian in the near future but nothing is yet confirmed.

Thanx to everyone who has bought our tape and everyone who gave us a positive feedback. It means a lot!

We will start recording the material for the new record in a couple of weeks so if you run a label and wanna help get in touch.

Up the punx!

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Tape with 4 songs!

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Songs from the upcoming split 7” with Devastated!!

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Virtual Dystopia

In the age of information we suck at informing the world what is going on with us. It is not that we don’t care but honestly we are lazy with that. So here we go…this post is about what we are up to and what happened in the last months…

Firs of all we are going on the road again in April with our bros from Void Forger.

Here are the dates:

18.04.13 north ITA

19.04.13  SWI

20.04.13  SWI

21.04.13 west FRA

22.04.13 SPA

23.04.13 SPA

24.04.13 SPA

25.04.13 FRA

26.04.13 FRA

27.04.13 ITA

GET IN TOUCH if you can help us:

Than we recorded a 4 song demo which will be out in a couple of weeks. It will be released as a tape and Volo from Void Forger is doing the cover.

Samuel is helping us out with the demo and he will also take care of the recording of our upcoming LP. Yes so finally we will record a proper record  to be released in late spring. We will start recording it in December.

We plan to do some gigs in winter but nothing is confirmed, but we hope to play some gigs with Devastated since they are back on the track, hehe.

In June we played a small festival in northern Istria, called Brez Olike. I was super fun to hang out and it was the best party of the summer. This photo was taken at 6 in the morning….

In july we played Martinska Fešta, a festival in Šibenik. We shared stage with bands like Iskra and AK-47. The location was amazing, a abandoned camping site.

That’s us chillin’ on the beach at Martinska…

In September we played at Krastival in Komen. It was an honor to be back at this festival. After its hiatus we were really looking foreward to play and hang out with frinds, because Krastival was always an epic party.

Devastated killed it that night.

here is a video of us playing at Krastival, unfortunately there were some technical problems with the bass guitar..

That’s it!

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Tour report and stuff

Hey! we are back from the tour with our bros from Void Forger. It was great and it ended too fast. Now we are back to our regular routine and it sucks big time. Thanx to everyone who did a show for us, gave us food, was patient,…über tnx to Vita for going with us, your help was crucial!



photo credit goes to Aris!

The tour for us started in Koper, our home town, well Void Forger had a gig in Ljubljana the day before… We played in KP two and a half years ago, that’s a long time but we were never motivated to play our home town, because it is alway akward to play your hometown…and no one really cares about us, except for the friends that showed up at the gig. One of the reasons why we played in KP was also because we didn’t get a gig anywhere else…Massive thanx goes to Jan for doing the show. Over all we played a decent show, a bit too long but, yeah it was a long time since we made noise on this stage. Honestly we hope it wont take so long to have another show in KP.

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HHB+Void Forger tour update

The booking is going well, we need three dates and it is done. We are going to play with kick ass bands and we are soo looking forward go on the road again.

The dates:

26.4 Need a gig
27.4 Eisenberg(GER) @ local squat
28.4 Berlin(GER) @ ZGK
29.4 Groningen (NL) @ Zonnelaan w/ Livia Sura+Hazarder
30.4 Den Hague (NL) @ Pirate Bar w/Livia Sura+Hazarder
1.5. Leuven (BEL) @ Chaos Bar w/shit loads of bands
2.5  Lausanne (SWI) @ espace autogéré
3.5 Bremgarten (SWI) @ Kuzeb w/ Spectres
4.5 Milano(ITA) @ COA T28 w/Corpse, Warpath, Lamantide, Bland     Vargar

Meanwhile Dado got his rib broken on the carnival party in Dis-Bistrica so it slow down a bit the process of making new songs, still we will have a couple of new songs ready for the tour and we should start recording the new+old non-recorded material in late spring early summer. So if there is anyone who has a label and wants to help us out, you are more then welcome to contact us.

Photo from the last gig in Nova Gorica:


Cops are OK….said no punx ever!

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